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How can I use online images in my e-mail signature?

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It can be nice to use images in your email signature, for example a company logo. But preferably I think this image should not be sent as an attachment. If you do, messages like this will get mixed up with messages including “real” attachments. I personally can find this quite frustrating, for example when I’m trying to find back a certain e-mail with a certain attachment.

By hosting the signature image somewhere online, the recipient of the e-mail will be able to view the image, but it won’t be attached to the e-mail. Disadvantage of this method is that quite a few email clients have the display of online images switched off by default, so those recipients won’t be able to view the image (unless they switch them on offcourse).

Mac Mail
To use on-line images in your Mac Mail signature, this is how you go about:
1. Set up a (placeholder) signature in Mac Mail
2. Quit Mail
3. Create a web page representing you signature in your favorite editor
4. Open the page in Safari
5. Save the page as a web archive
6. Place the web archive in the Library -> Mail -> Signatures directory residing in your user directory, and give it the same name as the signature you want to replace.

More detailed tutorial: Custom CSS Signatures in Mail
Original post: Create HTML signatures for Mail

Mac Entourage
After a lot of trying my conclusion is that it’s not possible to use on line images in a Microsoft Office 2008 Entourage signature. So, the only simple alternative is to send them as an attachment after all.

I did find a nice Apple Script which lets you send HTML pages as e-mail in Entourage. It lets you select an HTML file or a pages from Internet Explorer (???), to be sent as an e-mail. You can choose to send the messages with images attached, or referred to online. In theory you could select an HTML file with this script every time to use as your signature, but that’s a bit complicated I guess.

Link to the script: Send Complex HTML X 2.1
Developer homepage:

If you use a webmail service like Gmail or Hotmail, the Firefox WiseStamp extension might be worth a try (Did not test it yet myself)

This is how it should work in Outlook 2007 (did not test it yet):
Easy: Creating HTML Signatures on Outlook 2007
Harder: Email Signature Etiquette with Outlook 2007

Although not exactly what I was looking for, in the process I found out on Windows there are quite a few applications which let you manage e-mail signatures company-wide. This is a review of some of them:
Standard Corporate Signature Template

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October 17, 2008 at 2:18 pm

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What is a good open source online .flv video player?

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Recently a client asked me to post a Flash Video (flv) on his website. I did a little web-surfing-research to find a nice open-source flv player to show the video. I ended up using the FLV Player.
I liked it the best because of the way it looks (don’t be put off by the green color, this can easily be changed), because of the easy and extensive configuration, and because it’s really open-source (opposed to the popular JW player for example, which is not free for commercial use).

Link: (I prefer the Maxi version of the player)
Status: Tested it, liked it

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October 14, 2008 at 3:10 pm

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Why do my colors look different when I use the “Save for web” option in Photoshop?

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The sRGB option

The hidden sRGB option (turned on)

When I used the “Save for Web & Devices” option in Photoshop CS3, I noticed the colors of the saved image looked different from the colours of the original. After some web-surfing-research I found out the problem was this: by default, images saved with Save for Web and Devices are converted to the sRGB color profile. Switching this option off solved my problem. The option is hidden in the little arrow button right from the color preset selection menu (view screen-shot).

Original post and more in-depth discussion about the use of color profiles in web-design: Photoshop CS3 and Save for Web issues | Tancredi

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October 14, 2008 at 2:48 pm

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Where can I test different Content Management Systems?

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If you’re looking for an open source LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) based CMS, but you want to test some first, try They provide working demo’s of just about every open source LAMP content management system.


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October 14, 2008 at 2:23 pm

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